Sunday, November 19, 2006


These are picks for the posts and entries from last week that you shouldn't miss.

"The Girth of the Tabby" -- Betty's latest. Miss it and you will be lost when the next chapter goes up.

"Judith Miller, Law and Disorder" -- Mike responds to Miller's "welcome" with 'what the hell does she have to welcome anyone to?'

"Grab bag (Betty)" -- Betty fills in for Kat with an epic. Kat is back in the United States and is at Betty's until Monday when she catches a flight home.

"THIS JUST IN! MARTINEZ IS IN!" and "Melquiades" -- Wally and Cedric take a look at the new G.O.P. head.

"Ellen Willis" -- that's actually from two Saturdays ago but Marcia wrote us a very strongly worded e-mail objecting to the fact that it wasn't selected as a highlight last weekend. Marcia, blame C.I. who argues against more than one highlight from The Common Ills (done by C.I.) despite the fact that C.I. posts more entries than any other site in the community. We loved this entry as much as you did, Marcia.

"gyllenhaal, nora barrows friedman, mike lerner, team mobile guy" -- Rebecca doing what she does best, weaving a mixture of elements that seem to have little connection into a cohesive post. Jake Gyllenhaal's butt? War resisters? The Team Mobile guy? While we agreed with her on the guy's teeth, the other area she points out, has us all turning our heads when the commercial airs now.

"Curiosity (Ruth)" -- Ruth fills in for Kat and gets to the heart of the matter.

"Iraq, the Who" -- Elaine talks music? You better, you better, you bet.

"Ehren Watada on CNN last night" -- Marcia, if you have a problem with this selection by C.I., take it up with Francisco who e-mailed asking that we note it as the entry at the site last week.

"THIS JUST IN! BULLY BOY -- AN IDIOT IN ANY CULTURE OR CLIMATE!" and "Bully Boy -- the portable idiot (humor)" -- Wally and Cedric picked this one they did. We had two ahead of this but they wanted a thank you noted to C.I. for doing a "word picture" of Vietnam that they could build on when they wrote this. Their only regret is that they couldn't figure out how to fit in C.I.'s description of the greens in the grass and leaves.

"Panic in the Kitchen?" -- Dona's mother called Saturday afternoon to make sure she got back her okay. While on the phone, she said this was a must read and confessed she had taken green bean casserole to gatherings before. "Never again," she swore.
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