Sunday, July 30, 2006

McKinney v. Lieberman -- who you gonna root for?

Cynthia McKinney is a unique presence in the Congressional Black Caucus: a genuine "movement" activist. For that reason, she is hated and feared by white racists, for whom she is the epitome of the uppity Black; by corporate America and its vicious media, whose power she does not respect; by Democratic House leadership, which abhors activist Black lawmakers more than it does Republicans; and by cowardly African Americans who feel threatened by her example of principled speech and action for social justice and world peace. That’s why it is imperative that all people of good will assist McKinney in keeping her seat from Georgia’s 4th district, just outside Atlanta.
The racists and cowards smell blood. McKinney was forced into a runoff election, set for August 8, after failing to win a clear majority in this month’s Democratic primary. Turnout was abysmal -- only 60,000 voters showed up, versus 95,000 in 2004 when she took back her seat after a two year absence.
McKinney garnered 47 percent of the vote in a three-way race, only 1,500 votes ahead of second place Hank Johnson, a compliant Black Dekalb County commissioner who brags
that he is a "pothole" politician who will not stir up controversy. A white businessman got more than eight percent of the vote. His share will undoubtedly wind up in Hank(erchief head) Johnson's column, on August 8. Clearly, McKinney must bring out her troops – which takes money. Her opponent’s surprise showing has invigorated those who backed Denise Majette with tons of cash to oust McKinney in 2002, and now see another chance to rid themselves of their nemesis.

The above is from Glen Ford and Peter Gamble's "Cynthia McKinney: Our Brightest Light" (The Black Commentator). Ford and Gamble cover it all (read it) and there's a link to donate. They walk you through the questionable primary election that just took place and a great deal more.

Question for Nancy Pelosi, "Why won't you restore Cynthia McKinney's seniority?"

Question for the press and "press" (Mags Carlson, we include you), with all your hand wringing over Sad Sack Lieberman, all your talk of how Democrats you should grasp the importance of retaining a seat, all your gasps of "purges" and "purity" -- why is it that you've not said ONE DAMN thing about the fact that the party loyalty you preach doesn't apply to Cynthia McKinney?

Who knows why Pelosi won't stand up and restore McKinney's seniority (that wouldn't be a "gift" -- it would be giving the represenative what she's owed) -- who knows why Pelosi does anything at this late date? Sometimes she has strong statement but most days she seems clueless. (Dickering over whether or not a base would have to exist, in Iraq, until the end of the world to qualify as "permanent" was the most exteme example.)

The press? Some of them are sticking up for their buddy. Some are doing the bag work they're so infamous for. Some are practicing the same "purity" they supposedly decry.

Holding Joe Lieberman accountable for his voting record is, in their minds, just not done. Lieberman must be rallied around. But their own (White) purity standards don't allow for similar statements about McKinney.

McKinney's 'beyond the pale' and, therefore, the gatekeepers can stay silent (or maybe snicker). She is 'beyond the pale' if that means non-White.

It's a White purity out of an old DeMille flick (Birth of A Nation?) that allows them to fuss and fret over Lieberman and to hiss that those who are opposed to him aren't "practical" (meaning as "smart," "mature" or "with it" as them). With Lieberman, they argue that party loyalty dictates he supported. With McKinney, they don't give a damn about party loyalty.

Why? They're suffering from projection. They've practiced "purity" tests for years. The test is how center canst thou be? Be center for the left-posing pundits and they applaud you and defend you (after all, if Lieberman loses, they can always suck up to Lamont by writing one of those post-election columns -- "The more I get to know Ned Lamont, the more I like him . . .").

There's another way to look at what's happening. Cynthia McKinney is in yet another fight and the cluckers and effete stay silent, Lieberman, in a similar situation, they rush to prop up. They know their boy's a weak sister who needs help he can get. McKinney's a fighter. They know Wimpy Joe needs help. (After all, keeping that girlish figure in his recent presidential primary run meant sneering at an ice cream social.)

Why's the party so weak currently? Because weakness is propped up. The establishment wanna bes (they do grasp that they are mere servants, right?) rush in with pad and pen and mike to prop up their whisper of a man (his Windsong stays on their mind). They hiss and moan that it's so unfair that someone holding office would face such division within the party but they stay silent on McKinney.

They're a joke. They're the ones who preach (White) "purity." They're the ones who conduct purges. It's called projection.

They should look it up. You should look up McKinney and Jerk-Off Joe's record and see which one's been speaking out for you. Regular readers will find (though they probably already know) that it's McKinney. If you haven't taken the time to think about, make the point to before the Joe Kleins, Mags Carlsons and others show up at your door asking you to put on a White sheet.
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