Sunday, July 30, 2006

Editorial: Does Condi Rice understand her job duties?

The two faces of Condi, Secretary of State for the United States. For those who've forgotten, No-One-Could-Have-Guessed Condi was once the national security advisor. That was once her title meaning national security was her chief responsibilty. 9-11 happened on her beat. The worst terrorist attack on American soil.

Condi, who had plenty of time to entertain various guests at Bully Boy's ranchette in the lead up to 9-11 with her piano playing told the country "No one could have guessed" about the attacks on terrorist soil. Then she went before the 9-11 Commission and was asked the title of the August 6th PDB (August 6, 2001, a month prior to 9-11). With an angry glare at the 9-11 commissioners, Condi responded, petulantly, "Bin Laden Deterimed to Strike in the US."

Now you might think the shame and embarrassment factor alone (forget the guilt) would cause a person to really apply themselves to their job. You don't know this administration very well if you think that.

Condi's failures (along with everyone else's) resulted not in firing but in promotion. She got upped to Sec of State. And, apparently having learned nothing from that tragic day except how to use it for political mileage, Condi's conducted herself as Secretary of State pretty much the same way she did as national security advisor. Which is to say, she's got lots to do. Lots. Doesn't appear to include her job, but she's got lots to do.

Hurricane Katrina hits leaving devestation and tragedy is left in its wake. Where's Condi? Shopping. For shoes. Playing tennis. Catching some plays in NYC. As Isaiah's comic notes, Condi's response to Katrina appeared to be: "Yes, I went shopping for shoes. You can't address a disaster if you look like a fashion disaster." (That comic's even more on the money if you think of the e-mails that came out after Isaiah's comic first went up -- where Michael Brown was commenting on his appearance on TV and saying he looked like a "fashion god.")

Now war wages in the Middle East as Israel continues its war on Gaza and adds Lebanon to the mix. Where's Condi? Photo-opping it. Not over there. Here, in the US. Playing some tunes (as Isaiah notes: "Good thing the nation's not at war and all is peaceful, right?"). Rubbing shoulders with American Idols.

Did anyone sit her down and explain to her how much responsibility she bore for 9-11 due to her position? If so, it doesn't appear to have sunk it. If not, why not?

She's the Secretary of State. She is not Paris Hilton. If Paris Hilton wants to go shopping or make music, that's her right. She's an individual citizen. She's not an appointed representative of the people that's failing (yet again) her job expectations.

Oh well, maybe she can make the cover of the tabloids again. Last time with rumors of an affair with the Bully Boy -- they've restored Fat Cat-ism if not the tone.
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