Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blog Spotlight: Kat on where she stands (with us, eat your heart out war lovers)

We have one question for Kat? Where's that Cat Power review you speak of in this entry? Seriously, she's working on it and we're all awaiting it. Kat notes that she stands by "War Got Your Tongue?" an editorial that we all worked on. We'll add that everyone who worked on it stands by it.

Cartoons, speak out and check out Wally on Cheney's fishing accident

"Oh Kat," wrote one person, "how could you forget ?"

I forget many things. However, I didn't forget to list as one of my favorite cartoon heroines since he is, after all, a "he." Possibly, you meant who were his partners for a bit? I didn't enjoy them either. I don't think they even behaved like individual characters.

On the topic of cartoons, Candice e-mailed me a link which, if you go there, lists a number of cartoon movies. Here's the one having to do with That Girl:

That Girl In Wonderland (1974) Another Saturday Superstar Movie featuring the voice of . An animated Ann Marie (Thomas's character from her "That Girl" sitcom) daydreams herself into popular fairy tales such as Wizard of Oz, Snow White, and Cinderella.

I remember that one but I also thought I remembered one with a circus? Maybe I'm just thinking of the episode of with the crime at the circus? If I'm remembering right, the crook (or one of them) stabs herself so that she won't look guilty. That and the one where Sally's stalker, creepy -- very creepy, were probably my two favorite episodes. I quit watching the show when left. It wasn't the same after that.

Rebecca () asked me if I'd note an interview with ? As a fan of Walker and , no problem.

"I am a Renegade, an Outlaw, a Pagan" - Author, Poet and Activist Alice Walker in Her Own Words
February is African-American History Month. To honor it, we bring you a conversation with the renowned author, poet and activist Alice Walker. She is perhaps best known for her book "The Color Purple" for which she won the Pulitzer Prize in 1983, becoming the first African-American woman to win the Pulitzer for fiction. The novel was adapted into an Oscar-nominated feature length film and has been recently made into a Broadway musical. Alice Walker's latest novel is "Now is the Time to Open Your Heart."
Last month, 1,000 people gathered in the First Congregational Church in Oakland to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Media Alliance. We spend the hour playing Amy Goodman's onstage interview with Alice Walker. [includes rush transcript - partial]

I heard that today on the radio (twice in fact) and if you missed it, you should watch, listen or read it. Among other things, Walker shares a wonderful story about .

C.I. passed on an e-mail to me and the writer had just discovered 's "War Got Your Tongue?" and had a few questions. The most important was did I still stand by it? Yes, I do.

There's been more than enough silence on the topic and the silence continues. The troops will not be brought home until we can all speak with brave voices. The war will not end without us all speaking out and calling for an end to it. It's silly to think that you can say "Well in my private life, I am opposed to the war" and think that cuts it. Your private life? Why are you posting online, putting out a magazine or in any other way weighing in if you can't speak out on one of the most important issues addressing the nation?

This is still, for now, a democracy. You do have Freedom of Speech. If you don't want to use it, don't. But don't be surprised when you're called out on it. And offering up mealy mouthed statements of "Of course I'm opposed but I can't say that" helps no one.

In fact, not only do I stand by it, I think you can file something we all worked on yesterday under the same category -- "Cowardly Journalism Review (Parody)."

Does the fact that people are dying (on all sides) not matter to you? Is your corporate media failing you and you have no idea what's going on?

If it's the later, check out C.I.'s "And the war drags on . . ." and stop counting on corporate media to provide you with the news you need.

I'm a member of community. Obviously. (Check out the title of this site.) But one reason I am is because C.I.'s never shied away from that topic. When people were saying "pack it in, move on" following the 2004 elections, C.I. didn't drop the issue.

doesn't fade away at The Common Ills. Nor has C.I. ever made the idiotic statement, though someone did, that it didn't matter what the people thought, the decision belonged in the hands of the leaders. Not in a democracy it doesn't. A blogger really wrote that, a blogger on the "left," in the midst of 's original vigil. The same blogger also wrote that Cindy Sheehan didn't want the troops brought home. I may not be the most politically astute, but I do grasp basic facts. And that nonsense was one of the inspirations behind "That Wacky Web" which you can probably also file under the same "War Got Your Tongue?" heading.

"Silence equals death" is an old slogan. But I'd argue in today's climate, it's also shameful. Why? It's not hard to speak out against the war now. Thanks to Cindy Sheehan's vigil and the movement backing it up, most people are now saying "Bringing the troops home!" So I really have no use for people who won't speak out so that they can look "reasoned." Or maybe "mature."

So that's where I stand on the invasion/occupation. I've said it before, "Bring the troops home!" But it can't be said enough.

To answer another question popping up in e-mails, I am attempting to complete a new review.
and her new CD are what I'm working on right now. If I can't get something there within a week, I'll just note my thoughts here on it and move on to another album to review.

By the way, if and his hunting accident has you scratching your head, check out Wally's "THIS JUST IN! DICK CHENEY HAS A FISHING MISHAP!" at . That's it for tonight.

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