Sunday, November 06, 2005

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name: Googs
location: Sieas, Posterdam
age: 31
likes: John Edwards, John Edwards,
John Edwards!!!!
Question, you find out you're going
to spend your entire life with one
person, who is it?
With my luck, my cat, Mr. Tittles!
on blogger since July, 2002
profile views: 15

I spent most of the day teaching my cat, Mr. Tittles, to lick pictures of John Edwards. Then around noon, I got kind of angry and jealous and threw Mr. Tittles down the stairs so I could do all the licking myself. My tongues has turned black! It's so digusting!
Also today that awful George Bush was denying knowing anything about the outing of Valerie Plame. Meanwhile Alan Greenspan is stepping down as Fed Chairman. And they just announced they weren't going to be making anymore Vanilla Coke!
10:28pm 10-24-05

Googs, in Posterdam, aren't they cracking down on civil liberties?

Moz you know Googs never writes about her own country.

I was thinking about John Edwards last night. Two Americas. So true. So very, very true. So this October 25, 2005, I want to note an important passing. Probably you've already talked about it because it was big news. She is missed.
Of coure I'm speaking of Ann Forrest who passed away two decades ago. I often find myself reflecting on how much like her character (Zoe Barbille) in The Wise Fool I am. She filmed Dangerous Days and she really lived them because, like, in those days they didn't even have sound. Can you imagine how weird was that? Everytime someone moved their lips, you had to look at the title cards to figure out what was being said. I bet only the really rich could afford to have title cards carried around for them. Everyone else was mute in those days. That must have been hard but sometimes I get to thinking, "Googs, you could write title cards!" I could too. Watch: "Unhand me, you fiend, or face the wrath of John Edwards!" Sigh.
But there really are Two Americas and I want to make sure we all understand that and, honestly, to be more inclusive. So on this monumental day, I want to note the passing, two decades ago, of the silent film actress Ann Foster. She remained silent so that we could all speak. Two Americas, the living and the dead.
12:01pm 10-25-05
Who the hell is Ann Foster?

Didn't Rosa Parks just die? Why the hell is Googs writing about some actress who died two decades ago?

I bet if you asked Googs, "What's your favorite chocolate?" she'd answer, "White."

Lylonzo, you are so banned! Posting privs revoked! Troll!

On Cindy & Counting
Today Cindy Sheehan is taking part in The World Can't Wait protests. I like her spunk. I like especially how she just wants us to know that people are dying. A lot of people try to use Cindy Sheehan to call for an end to the war. That's not what she's about at all! She just wants to be sure we count accurately.
10:09am 11-02-05

Googs, did you hear? The prime minister of Posterdam got caught in bed with 2 teenage hookers, one male, one female. They were all high on crack! I can't wait to read your commentary on that hint, hint.

Why is Googs writing about the American Cindy Sheehan?

Better question, why is she so ill informed? Cindy Sheehan is calling for an end to the war and for the troops to be brought home.

Kazzie, Cindy Sheehan just wants accurate counting. Mathematics is important. And it's really not important what she wants or doesn't want. Or what you want or I want. That's why we have elected officials, to make these decisions for us. I'm voting for John Edwards in 2008.

Wack job, you live in Posterdam, you can't vote in the American elections! Considering that Posterdamn has a parliment, you've got a funny idea of democracy if you think a citizen can't speak out on foreign policy.

Kazzie, you are so uninformed. That's why we should leave the decisions to our elected leaders. Brave men who serve on the Council of Foreign Releations, for instance. Those boys are dreamy!

Come out of the authoritarian closet, Googs, you have no respect for democracy.

Kazzie, you are so banned from this site! That is abusive langauge!

Today George W. Bush was in Playa de something and got booed. There were massive protests against him. I don't like that idiot Hugo Chavez and agree with Simon Rosenberg that he needs to be taken care of and removed from office but I draw the line at the called for execution by Pat Robertson. Did anyone see Threshold last night? It was so awesome!
5:30 pm 11-05-05

Googs, who is Simon Rosenberg? Is he in Ah-Choo, that group that's big in Posterdam? I live in Denmark and have never heard of him.

M, Simon Rosenberg is the man who should be the chair of the Democratic Party. He's so cool even if some wags say he suffers from crackatoa. He just needs a good woman at his side to cheer him on in wiping. I've never heard of Ah-Choo, sorry.

What!?!?!?!?!? Ah-Choo just got their seventh number one hit in Posterdam this year! That brings their total of number ones to 757! They also have the number one movie in the country for the fourteenth straight week! How could you not hear of Ah-Choo, Googs. I'm beginning to think you always write about America because you really live in America!

Banned! Troll.

Uh, Googs, Threshold doesn't air in Posterdam. And our prime minister just stepped down over being caught with the two hookers. Are you going to write anything about that?

Banned! Troll.

Having left Playa del whatever, George W. Bush is now on his way to another country no one's ever heard of. He really should be back in D.C. getting down to business. They're cutting food stamps and the people suffering from the hurricanes continue to suffer. They are going to drill in Alaska! And George W. Bush is off on a sight seeing tour.
11:41pm 11-05-05

Googs, I don't think you saw the paper today. George W. Bush is here visiting Posterdam.

Tukie, what is your point?

I'm just saying it seems like you should know about that. If you are from ... Posterdam.

Banned! Troll!

I have read every page of The Washington Post, The Los Angelse Times, The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times and not one mention of John Edwards! So I'll tell you all about the seven different dreams I had of him last night.
Dream #1: He was in front of the mirror combing his hair when he turned around, looked at me, did a thumbs up and said "Aaaay!" Just like Fonzie! It was so cool!
Dream #2: Me and John Edwards were eating at Carl Junior's. He had a hamburger plain. I had four cheeseburgers. And fries! I always eat a lot when I think of being around him!
Dream #3: John Edwards took me to the mall to pick out a new look for him. I went with "New Romantic" because I really feel the Village People gave up on the look too quickly. If they'd stuck with it a little longer, I really think it would have caught on. When there's a dying trend that needs to be revived, I think John Edwards is just the man!
Dream #4: It was raining. Me and John were walking in the rain. Then it started coming down really hard and I remembered I'd just gotten my spiral perm! I lost all my curls. :( John Edwards' coif still looked gorgeous!
Dream #5: Me and John Edwards made a list of war crimes! Top of our list - anyone who showed Yentl! Oh I love a joke that makes fun of Barbra Streisand! If I were to use my keen sense of framing on Barbra Streisand, I'd rename her Barbra Streidirt! Streidirt! I hate Barbra Streidirt!
Dream #6: Me and John Edwards got married by TD Jakes! He is so groovy. I don't write enough about the non-whites. :( I'm going to try to mention TD Jakes at least once in a blue moon and twice in Black History Month! I'm a progressive!
Dream #7: John Edwards and me on our honeymoon night! He's such a wit. Such a card. He wore tighty whities with "Kiss It" written across the fly. Sigh. Only John Edwards can save the country.
I'm looking forward to reading your comments. Especially if you appreciate the keen mind of John Edwards the way I do.
11:52pm 11-05-05

I guess everyone's still too busy dreaming of John Edwards in tighty whities to post a comment. I'll check tomorrow.
12:01 am 11-06-05

Good morning! I had twelve and a half dreams about John Edwards. One was only a half dream because my cat, Mr. Tittles, insisted upon parking his rear on my face. If you ever woken up to the smell of cat ass, you know how foul that can be!
Gotta go for a morning doughnut run right now but if you want, you can try to guess what my twelve and half dreams were. I need to pick up some baby wipes for Mr. Tittles as well because his tongue must not be doing too good of a job lately. Yuck!
6:50 am 11-06-05

Well I guess everyone's a little shy this morning. I was really hoping that some of my fellow progressives would leave me some feedback. Maybe you're all thinking about John Edwards in tighty whities and can't type with just one free hand HA HA HA HA!
I did use the baby wipes on Mr. Tittles but, honestly, it's like he has something lodged up there. Yuck!
I'm going to go finish off the box of powered doughnuts. The man at Krispy Creme tried to sneak in a chocolate doughnut and I said, "Oh no you don't! Plessy v. Ferguson, buster, Plessy v. Ferguson!"
11:31am 11-06-05

Where is everyone?????????
2:40pm 11-06-05
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