Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Laughable Robert Mueller and his ridiculous investigation

the scope of the investigation

Robert Mueller, this century's Kenneth Starr.

Tasked with investigation allegations of Russia 'hacking' the 2016 presidential election, what has he come up with?  One year later, nothing of value.


As Jeff Cohen discussed with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford (BLACK AGENDA RADIO), the whole nonsense is nothing but an excuse for Hillary Clinton's failed campaign and the many mistakes made.

The scorn heaped on voters never ended -- Hillary calling Americans "deplorables," Hillary taking over the DNC, Donna Brazile rightly noting how that titled the balance unfairly, the argument that the will of the voters in a Democratic Party didn't matter -- but somehow Donald Trump must have cheated to win?

Hillary didn't visit swing states that mattered and lost the election.  And that was Russia?

Hillary lied over and over about her e-mails -- even Neera Tanden realized this was a public nightmare and that Hillary should address it strongly and clearly but that never happened.

Or take the fact that Donald Trump was elevated in the GOP primary race by the media . . . at Hillary's request.  That was the plan.  He was the candidate she wanted to run against because she just knew she could beat him.

In the end, she didn't though.

And that's on her.

The WIKILEAKS publishing of her e-mails demonstrated yet another level of craven.

And Robert Mueller's investigation has done little to point the finger to Russia.  It has resulted in a number of reveals that suggest the FBI and CIA were used in the summer of 2016 to spy on a presidential campaign -- which would be illegal.  This was an administration (Barack Obama's) determined to hand pick their successor by illegally spying on a campaign.  That goes beyond Tricky Dick's dirty tricks.  Robert Mueller needs to wrap up the investigation or step the hell down.  His charges, thus far, are an embarrassment and shoddy.  They go to the fact that he has no case and has gone clearly beyond the scope of his investigation.

America didn't tolerate Kenneth Starr and they won't tolerate Robert Mueller.  Partisans will be thrilled this go round, as they were with Starr's lunacy, but your average American is going to be outraged because this farce has gone on long enough and it has nothing of value to show for the time or the money.

Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Scope of the Investigation."

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