Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fish is good for you

"Who eats enough fish?," Kat asked last week.  And it made us wonder.

First off, fish is a good source of protein and a natural source of Omega 3 which can help with heart health.  There are, of course, mercury concerns due to the pollution of our waters.  But with the American Heart Association again advising people eat at least two servings of fish a week, we decided to tally up our fish intake from last week (this is all of us).


1) Anchovies -- anchovy pizza.

2) Sushi dragon roll (eel and crab) and spicy tuna roll (tuna) and Philadelphia roll (salmon)

3) baked salmon

4) baked cod

5) Subway tuna sandwich (six inch)

6) Snow crab legs

7) Betty Crocker Tuna Tetrazzini

8) Steamed catfish with brown rice

9) Clam strips

10)  Shrimp gumbo

11) Shrimp alfredo

12) Linguini with clam sauce

13) Sardines and crackers

14) Fish tacos

15) Long John Silver's Sampler (cod and fish)

16) Red Lobster's Admiral's Feast (shrimp, flounder, crab strips and scallops)

17) shrimp cocktail

Again, that's all of our intake but it's easy to eat fish twice a week.  We didn't even mention fish sticks, for example, or seafood salad -- or topping a salad with tuna, salmon or sardines.

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