Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ty's Corner


We throw these editions together without a lot of planning.  What works best makes it into the edition.  But this edition, we start a new feature of favorite books and all I could think was, "Really?  This week?  When I'm using a Ty's Corner to comment on an e-mail from a Tom Porter?"

Tom's upset with this site, more upset than he's ever been in his life, he confesses.  And what's got him so upset?

We have people who will, for example, e-mail to complain that we cover the Iraq War -- people who either can't deal with reality or their own guilt or both.  We have people who write to complain about features we've passed on from -- the montages, the comic book coverage, etc.  We have been called every name in the book -- some accurately -- but Tom's a near first.

"Snobs."  That's what Tom offers.  Now Ava and C.I. were accused several times in 2005 of being elitist and addressed it in April 2005:

Contrary to opinions expressed in some e-mails, we don't hate everything. We've praised Faith & Hope, Will & Grace and Medium. In an angry e-mail Kitty accuses us of being "snobs. You refuse to cover any show that doesn't meet your eastern elite standards of 'class.'"

Thanks for sharing, Kitty, but we really don't think "eastern elites" sit around discussing What I Like About You. We could be wrong.

Doug of Salt Lake City encourages us "to step beyond your upper class attitudes, lose some of your elitism and review Blue Collar TV which deals with realities that shock your delicate sensibilities."

If by shocking realities you're referring to the fact that in 2005, a show devoid of leading actresses, humor and even what might pass for wit -- well then call us "upper class." (Who knew?) If pandering to stereotypes (including that the working class includes only men and that they're so dumb they only respond to stereotypical "humor") is your idea of a good time, keep watching Blue Collar TV.

Tom sees as elitist and snobs because of what we cover.  He says "your taste in music, movies and TV is too high brow."  And I'm wondering what the heck he's talking about.

If you're going to make charges like that in future e-mails, do us both a favor and point to exactly what you're talking about.  What music?  What movies?  What TV?

Or I'll just assume (and I read the bulk of the e-mails) that you've e-mailed the wrong website.

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