Monday, March 05, 2018

What's internet censorship about? Covering up stories like these

From WSWS:

In the US state of West Virginia, a story is unfolding that should be major national and international news. More than 30,000 teachers and public school employees are in the seventh day of their strike, after rejecting a deal reached by the teachers unions and the state's billionaire governor on Tuesday. There is now talk of teachers occupying the capitol building and of a general strike.

If one want's to know what Internet censorship is about, this is it. The purpose is to aid the corporate media in suppressing coverage of social struggles. When Democrats complain about Russia "sowing divisions" in the United States, it is not Russia they are worried about, but the American working class. Divisions don't need to be "sown"... they exist, and they are beginning to burst into the open.

While the mainstream media has ignored the West Virginia teachers strike, the WSWS--a main target of the government and corporate censors--is providing non-stop coverage.

Today we are broadcasting live from Charleston, WV on our Facebook Page. Click here to watch WSWS reporter Zac Corrigan address a mass rally of students and teachers earlier today outside the capitol building.

Here is a partial list of some of our recent articles on the strike: Full coverage can be found here.

Help break the censorship of the Internet! Share the video above and these articles as widely as possible with your friends, family and co-workers. The WSWS is calling for all-out support for the teachers in West Virginia. Their strike must be expanded and receive the support of all sections of the working class, in the United States and internationally.

Here are some other things you can do:
  • Contact us for assistance in organizing meetings at your school or workplace.
  • Email your statement of support for the West Virginia teachers.
  • Donate $25 to the WSWS to assist our reporting team in West Virginia and allow us to print thousands of statements for distribution to teachers.
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