Monday, March 05, 2018



Into the mail bag . . .

What happened to the plan to hold Joy Reid accountable every week?

This idea came up outside of Ava and C.I.  They only learned of it when they read the piece we wrote announcing that.

Ava and C.I. cover TV for this website.  And they've held Joy accountable in their pieces.

But they had a problem -- Betty and Ann agreed with them -- of Joy being a weekly take down.

A) Do we -- the others -- even watch Joy?


B) Why was Joy selected?

It's not as though there's this wealth of African-American women on TV.

As they raised these and other issues, we got the point.

Joy's no worse than anyone else on MSNBC.

We absolutely will call her out as needed but to make it a regular feature?

Seems we were following a number of White males online in attacking Joy who doesn't even have a daily show.  We agreed with Ava and C.I. (and Betty and Ann) that we needed to drop that feature.

Leland wants us to return to covering comics "especially BATWOMAN."

We first covered Batwoman in "A Rucka, a Batwoman, a Zeus and a Heatwave" when she debuted as the lead in Detective Comics.

Batwoman autographed

Maybe next week,Leland, we can do something on comics again.

Brenda wants more music coverage.  For you, Brenda, we'll repost Kat's latest album review, okay?

And for Eric who wants more book coverage, we'll post Marcia's book review.

Lewis notes that Betty and Kat are both doing science these days and wonder if we could do a weekly feature on it as well?

Not going to happen.  As it is, we do a science feature about every two months and that will probably be the same figure for the foreseeable future.

Gordon wonders why we do features on our national parks?

Good question: Because they belong to us.  We need to realize that.  These are public lands.

Veronica wants more TESR Test Kitchen features.  We're gearing up one on drinks and one on candy so you should see at least one of those next week.

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