Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Fake Asses

A lot of people pretended to care about the Iraq War.  A lot of people made money off of the Iraq War.  Take the late Danny Schechter who used the Iraq War to sell his books and films but couldn't be bothered to note it by 2008.  So many fake asses.  Looking back over the last 15 years, here's a list of some of the biggest fake asses when it comes to the Iraq War.

ego tripping workout

[Isaiah's March 19, 2011 "The Ego Tripper's Workout" features number six on the list.]

1) Amy Goodman.  Chief beggar.  Queen of Panhandle Media.  Used the Iraq War as a personal p.r. campaign and quickly walked away.  As war resisters quickly learned, Amy had no time for them.  Then she made clear that she didn't have time for the war itself.

2) Ani di Franco.  It took the '00s for Ani to be exposed as a racist but long before that everyone already knew she was a Fake Ass.  She used the Iraq War to look 'involved' and 'caring.'  But once the war started, Ani di Fakeass was rushing off elsewhere and, excuse us, but what song was supposed to be about Iraq?

3) Tom Hayden.  The old drunk passed away but the Iraq War goes on.  Tom was a professional apologist for War Hawk Barack.  He was also a liar.  Tom just knew that by refusing to call out the Democrats for the continued Iraq War, he was setting up his end and was about to be warmly welcomed back in.  Never happened.  When he was stupid enough to cheat on and leave Jane Fonda, he lost everything.  As trashy as he was ugly, Tom died a disgraced loser.  There may not be justice in the world, but there is karma.

4) John Nichols.  The fool.  He's on record defending Samantha Power and ignoring the Iraq War.  It gets worse.  He wrote a book calling for impeachment but then, when Nancy Pelosi declared impeachment was "off the table," he stopped pushing the notion -- and the book.

5) Barack Obama.  Ran publicly in 2008 on the promise to end the Iraq War.  He's been out of office since January 2017 and the Iraq War continues.

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