Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Raed Jarrar Tweets

On the 15th anniversary, we'll note these Tweets from Raed Jarrar.

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    was in Baghdad during US invasion on Iraq, had to flee, saw incoming US tanks and death of civilians. He was an architect who blogged about how “the War had a very human cost”. Over 1 mill Iraqis have been killed.
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    .: From an Iraqi perspective, the US invasion started with bombing in 1991, continued all through the 90s with bombs and military sanctions, and has not ended now. Bombs continue. The I lived in has been completely destroyed by the US.
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    .: Because of the US invasion, my family is scattered all over the world. The national identity and unity of has been destroyed.
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    . closes powerful testimony about his experience witnessing the devastation caused by US invasion of his home in with a reminder that the antiwar movement will be more effective if we work together with those working across social justice movements.
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  6. It's hard for the anti-war movement to succeed on it’s own, but if we build an intersectional movement, we can build power, and we can win.
  7. that are now setting the rest of the region on fire. Our role as the global community that opposes wars means bearing witness to crimes committed by the US war machine, or because of it. Our role is to expose how ugly and destructive war is.
  8. The war has really destroyed Iraq. The US war also affected the rest of the region, whether it’s the flood of millions of Iraqi refugees to neighboring countries, or whether it is the spread of sectarian politics that were introduced by the US in Iraq in 2003...
  9. I wanted to tell that story to the world, so I ran the first civilian casualty survey in the country. Thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed and injured just in the first 100 days of the occupation. Now, the number is 1 million dead, and counting.
  10. Then, April 9th came, and I’ll never forget the first time I saw US tanks rolling down the streets of my neighborhood in Baghdad. After the fall of Baghdad, the US claimed that it was a “smart war” that only killed “bad guys” -- but I witnessed otherwise.
  11. Unfortunately, we couldn’t last there more than a couple weeks after the US military bombardment began. My family’s neighborhood was heavily bombed, many of my neighbors were killed or injured, and we had to leave our house and move from place to place for weeks.
  12. Exactly these days, 15 years ago, i was helping my dad dig a well in our backyard. My parents had turned the house into a fortress with a generator and enough food and fuel and a safe room that would last us for months, if not years.
  13. (Thread) While the possibility of war with North Korea looms, we must discuss the human cost of war. While it’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since the invasion of Iraq, i remember it like it was yesterday.

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