Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Somebody tell Hillary, it's time for letting go

Hillary Clinton had $1 billion and couldn’t seal the deal. She had her chance. Must go away. Now.

She should go away.

Her Vaginal Secretions just don't get that.

They insist that John Kerry didn't go away after the 2004 election and Al Gore didn't go away after the 2000 election and . . .

But they did.

They went away.

They allowed the country to move on from the election (or, in Al Gore's case, from the Supreme Court ruling).

Not Hillary.

She will not let go.

She will not stop whining about the election.

She lost.

At POLITICO, Joanna Weiss pointed out:

We just passed Groundhog Day on the calendar, but it feels like we’re still living it; we can’t break free from the gnashing and rehashing of the 2016 election. It’s not just the Mueller probe and legitimate questions about Russian influence. It’s the emotional notes of triumph and defeat. President Donald Trump hasn’t dropped the subject, which is as perplexing as anything else Trump has done. But Clinton hasn’t dropped it, either. And at this point, she should.

Weiss goes on to explain how letting go could allow Hillary to show leadership.

But another reason she should let go is to allow others to step forward.

The 2020 election is now two years away and no one can get traction ahead of that year's presidential election as long as she's hogging the spotlight.

It's 2018 and there will be mid-term elections this year but what Democratic politicians can break through Hillary's never-ending whining about her loss.

It's over.

The electoral college voted.

If Donald Trump were removed tomorrow, Mike Pence would be president, not Hillary Clinton.

As Tina Turner once sang, "Don't care now who's to blame, I don't really want to fight no more, 'Cause it's time for letting go."

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