Wednesday, December 06, 2017


But WIKIPEDIA's not the only problem.

Fact checking Ava and C.I.'s articles results in one question: WHY!!!!

Have I ever caught them in an error?


So why do I keep thinking, "A ha, got 'em this time!"

Their piece this week makes note of Carol Leifer and a TV show she did called LEIFER MADNESS.

I start with CRAPAPEDIA.  I'm not looking for a description of the show, just a mention.  All I get is:

Leifer is a stand-up comedian, writer, producer and actor and has been involved in such television shows as SeinfeldIt's Like, You Know...Alright Already, and The Larry Sanders Show. With Mitchell Hurwitz, she is the creator of the short-lived The Ellen Show(2001). In 1988, she had her own special on Cinemax titled Carol Doesn't Leifer Anymore, which was produced by David Letterman. This was shortly followed by several more specials, titled Carol Leifer Comedy Cruise (1989), Really Big Show (1990), and Gaudy, Baudy, and Blue (1992). She was a writer on Saturday Night Live during the 1985/1986 season.
She has performed on Late Night with David Letterman 25 times, but has only been on his show once since 1992. Leifer has also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny CarsonDr. KatzPolitically IncorrectHollywood SquaresLate Night with Conan O'Brien, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Her hosting duties have included four seasons of A&E's Caroline's Comedy Hour, as well as guest stints on Talk Soup and Later. She has written for the Academy Awards for most of the 21st century.
Leifer starred in, created and executive-produced the WB sitcom Alright Already, called one of the "10 Best New Shows of the New Season" by the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. Despite good reviews, the show only ran one season.

Okay, Ava and C.I. say in the article it's a 1989 show that aired on VH1.  It wasn't covered in that but I can look at IMDB, right?

From IMDB:

Carol Leifer: Gaudy, Bawdy & Blue (TV Movie)
Rusty Berman
 1992Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful (TV Movie)
Angry Mom
 1991Sibs (TV Series)
Audie's Bad Day (1991) ... Janet
 1991Dream On (TV Series)
Nicki Rosen
Pants on Fire (1991) ... Nicki Rosen
 1988Superman 50th Anniversary (TV Movie documentary)
Beth Lewis - Lois Lane's Best Friend
 1985-1986Saturday Night Live (TV Series)
Restaurant patron / Reporter / The Big Tree party guest / ...
Ron Reagan/The Nelsons (1986) ... Restaurant patron (uncredited)
Harry Dean Stanton/The Replacements (1986) ... Reporter (uncredited)
Teri Garr/Dream Academy/The Cult (1985) ... The Big Tree party guest (uncredited)
Tom Hanks/Sade (1985) ... Waitress (uncredited)
 1985Desperately Seeking Susan
Party Guest

Even at Carol Leifer's own website, I can't find any listing of the show (though there's not really much there in the way of past accomplishments).

So I think I've got them.  Maybe they confused Carol with someone else?

A spew of profanities fly out their mouth as one shoves me over and the other grabs the laptop.

They type in LEIFER MADNESS and VH1 into GOOGLE's search engine and there it is:

Leifer Madness | 1989

Comedy, Romance
A daily, comedy series in which Carol Leifer combines videos of love songs and comedy to provide an off-beat perspective on romance.
Director: N/A
Writers: N/A
Stars: Carol Leifer



She did countless episodes of this show and it doesn't even get a mention at IMDB or CRAPAPEDIA.

Starting to get why Ava and C.I. long ago dubbed i "CRAPAPEDIA."

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