Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Editorial: Why?

When you read this Tweet, what's your first thought?

BREAKING: Pentagon announces approximately 5,200 in Iraq, and approximately 2,000 forces in Syria.

Our first thought?


At what point are we given a reason for this?

The illegal Iraq War was sold on lies.  It's going to hit the 15 year mark in March.

And it's still going.

We were all supposedly so offended when Senator John McCain declared that he was fine with troops being in Iraq for a hundred years.

So how is 15 okay with us?

Are you saying 99 years is the limit?

That's where we say, "Enough!"?

Because this war has no end in sight.

There is no planning for an expected outcome.

There are no efforts to improve the lives of the Iraqi people.

Why does this war still continue?

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