Wednesday, September 20, 2017

US Senate Candidate Says Kid Rock Is Not A Serious Choice

Anita Belle is running for the US Senate.  

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US Senate Candidate Says Kid Rock Is Not A Serious Choice
Crude behavior illustrates an inability to lead,” says Belle
A candidate seeking the US Senate seat currently held by Democrat Debbie Stabenow recently voiced strong concerns about another potential opponent in the race – recording artist Kid Rock. Anita Belle, who is campaigning for the nomination of the Green Party of Michigan in the contest, responded to Rock’s recent attacks on local activists and leaders in the black community.
Kid Rock is not a serious candidate for public office and no one should be treating him seriously. He’s shamelessly self-promoting his new record while participating in dog-whistle politics. He has the audacity to degrade people who are moving the black community forward with positive activism, like Rev. Al Sharpton and Colin Kapernick. It shows that he will do anything to make a buck.”
Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, has announced he is “exploring” a run for US Senate and is prepared to headline a string of dates opening the brand new Little Caesar’s Arena in downtown Detroit. The arena was partially funded by public money and Rock owns a restaurant in the complex.
Local activists including Metro Detroit Political Action Network have responded with fervor to the decision to have Rock open the arena, pointing to his prior use of the confederate flag and outlandish public statements as reasons they will protest the 9/12 concert and grand opening. An event on Facebook promoting a rally in opposition to the grand opening has produced substantial interest, with more than one thousand responses.
While Rock has stated he is merely “exploring” a run, a website owned by the singer’s label, Warner Bros. Records offers T-shirts, yard signs and other memorabilia stating “Kid Rock ‘18 for US Senate” alongside other items, including a t-shirt depicting much of the US as a country called “Dumbf***istan.
Rock has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the group Common Cause, which claims Rock is violating Federal election law. Rock publicly responded by telling the organization “Go f*** yourselves.” “It’s unthinkable that a candidate for any public office would respond in such a way, especially a candidate for US Senate. Kid Rock’s crude behavior illustrates an inability to lead.” Belle said. “Donald Trump has ushered in a new era of lowest-common denominator politics. Now, Kid Rock is upping the ante. How low can we go? Michigan deserves much better. Our prospective public officials should conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of respect.”
Recently, the singer performed a concert in Grand Rapids, giving a mock-up campaign speech, complete with podium, where he attacked single mothers receiving government assistance. “It is the epitome of white privilege for Kid Rock to attack poor working mothers using bogus welfare queen stereotypes.” Belle remarked. “Stating ‘I love black people’ at the end of his speech to cover for his dog-whistling isn’t fooling Detroit residents and it’s not fooling the voters of the great state of Michigan.”
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