Monday, September 11, 2017

Remember, kids, it's CRAPAPEDIA

In last week's "The format streaming services need to invest in (Ava and C.I.," they suggested Sandra Berhard should host a variety series.

A ton of you agreed.

One of you noted that she'd done "amazing one woman shows, and each of them was turned into an album starting with I'M YOUR WOMAN."

To which Ava and C.I. replied, "Huh?"

Ty wrote the reader back explaining that was incorrect and asked him where he got that information?

It's crap -- CRAPAPEDIA.

Here it is:

I'm Your Woman

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I'm Your Woman
Live album LP by Sandra Bernhard
Released1985, re-release 2004
Sandra Bernhard chronology
I'm Your Woman
Without You I'm Nothing
I'm Your Woman is the title of the first record released by comedian and singer Sandra Bernhard. It was released on the Mercury label near the beginning of her career and is a live performance recording that was issued only on vinyl in 1985.[1][2] It was later re-released on compact disc and made available for sale on Bernhard's own website. The original vinyl is considered highly collectible and often fetches upwards of $100 at auction.[citation needed] The recording combines what became Bernhard's trademark combination of live music performance and witty, sarcastic comedy.

First off, Ava and C.I. note, the album  was not just released on vinyl.  It was released on vinyl and audio cassette.

Second, it was not a live performance.

It was studio recorded songs with recorded spoken segments between songs.

It was not a recording of a live act or of a one-woman show.

Remember, kids, it's CRAPAPEDIA.

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