Monday, September 11, 2017

Oh, Martha, shut up (Dona)

Martha Plimpton is the woman with the off-kilter features.

Martha Plimpton supposedly 'dated' River Phoenix though no one I know could ever believe he'd be that hard up.

She's taken to being a real bitch of late and that's too bad because her art won't save her.

It's been the same performance over and over for the child performer.

She never grew as an artist.

So playing a scheming lawyer on THE GOOD WIFE?

It's the exact same performance she gives as a cleaning woman on RAISING HOPE.

She can't create characters.

She can create controversy.

Over the summer she bragged about her abortions.

She's now getting flack for it.

And she should.

I believe in and support abortion.  I don't believe you should live in shame for having one.

But I do not support her nonsense which was out of touch and harmful to the movement.

I also don't appreciate her attacks on Susan Sarandon.

I’ll pray for you.

Good for Susan.

But how long does Susan have to take the high ground?

Susan supported Jill Stein in 2016.  (As did I.)

She couldn't vote for a War Hawk.  (Nor could I.)

Maybe it's time Martha Plimpton apologized for her rude manners which result from a life of being spoiled and pampered.

Martha never had to struggle, did she?


Martha's just another spoiled brat whose parents paved the way for a career.

And so it doesn't matter to her what happens to people in other countries.

She's okay with war.

When she's willing to risk something, we might take her seriously.

Until then, she's just a 46-year-old spoiled brat who never grew up.

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