Monday, March 27, 2017

What's happening out there

Last Friday, NASA's Shane Kimbrough (Expedition 50 Commander) and European Space Agency's Thomas Pesquet (Flight Engineer) stepped outside the International Space Station to do some work.

This was the first of three planned spacewalks.  NASA notes, "A second spacewalk has been rescheduled to Thursday, March 30, and a third spacewalk now is scheduled for Thursday, April 6."

View of our spectacular planet (and my boots) during the yesterday with .

NASA is so much more interesting and valuable than 'reality TV,' to name only one item.

So maybe a little more attention could be paid to it?

A rainbow of colors highlights varying mineral compositions on this Martian hill, located in the Juventae Chasma:

Zooming in on the A ring, our spacecraft revealed narrow, detailed structures. Learn more:

NASA's work has implications for the future and for right now.

Using the same age-old steps of weaving, this small business is now weaving material that will be sent to Mars!

Via space, we see beyond earth as well as seeing our own world in a different way.

  1. La barrière de corail brise les vagues et protège le lagon de cette île inhabitée, dans l’archipel de Los Roques, Venezuela 🇻🇪
  2. The coral barrier breaks the waves and protects the lagoon of this uninhabited island in the archipelago of Los Roques, Venezuela 🇻🇪

Again, it's all so much more interesting than any Kardashian ever could be.

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