Monday, March 27, 2017

Truest statement of the week II

Feeling the need to outbid warmongering Democrats for the allegiance of military contractors and the military itself, the new Republican president proposes an unprecedented 10% increase in a Pentagon budget which already equaled the amount spent on arms by the next eight or nine countries combined.
So when can we expect to hear our black preachers, our black sororities, business and professional associations, and our black politicians, our shining black political class to decry and denounce this criminal misuse of the nation’s wealth? Sadly the answer we will not hear a peep from the black political class about the runaway war budget because they don’t have the permission of their masters, their bosses in the Democratic party. You see the Democratic party leadership are just as enthusiastic warmongers as Donald Trump. The main difference is that Democratic party leaders do not have Congress or the White House, but they DO own the minds, careers and what’s left of the souls of our black elite.

50 years ago, when Dr. King denounced the endless wars of American empire his support among white and black elites and corporate media vanished overnight, and he became one of the most denounced and despised men in America, profoundly unwelcome in most black churches, which nowadays claim to have been the cradle of the movement. If Dr. King repeated those denunciations today he might have many supporters among ordinary people, but he would be just as unpopular today as he was 50 years ago among much of our striving, career-minded, contract and grant seeking black elite.

-- Bruce A. Dixon, "Why Won’t the Black Political Class Won’t Denounce Trump’s Militarism? Because They Can’t." (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

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