Monday, March 20, 2017

Know the Constitution

Can The Debra Messings of the world stop their nutty conspiracy theories?

Can they stop lying to people?

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    We are supposed to be a democracy. If our elections are proven to not have been democratic, then we need to hold a new one.
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    Ex-CIA Agent: If Intel Agencies Prove Russia Hacked—U.S. Should Hold New Elections

That's not how it's done.

Read the Constitution, you damn liars and you damn idiots.

We hold an election every four years.

We do not do special ones.

Should a president need to be replaced, the line of succession is outlined.

There are no 'do overs' in elections.

Buy a f**king clue and stop Tweeting bulls**t to the world.

You should be ashamed to be so damn stupid.

Instead you come off very proud of being an idiot.

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