Monday, March 20, 2017

Did We?

They'll tell any lie, won't they?

Can't sleep. Partially because I don't get this... We had it so good for 8 years.

Did we?

Have it so good?

Minimum wage was raised when?

What about Barack's promise to end veterans homelessness by the end of 2015?

He didn't do that either.

He came into office with the goal of a seamless transition for medical records from DoD to VA.

He had eight years.

He left office and didn't even accomplish that -- in fact, the two departments' systems can't even communicate still.

(This is a big deal if you become a veteran and need to get a proper disability rating.)

He promised to end the Iraq War -- but it still drags on.

He destroyed Libya.

He killed many by dropping bombs.

He killed many with drones.

His actions in Yemen cannot be ignored.

He deported more immigrants -- "more than every single US president in the 20th century."

He swore if workers were striking, he'd put on his sneakers and join them.

But he didn't.

He was against The PATRIOT Act -- before he was for it.

He continued the illegal spying of the Bully Boy Bush administration.

"YOU" may have had it so good but you're not speaking for immigrants, you're not speaking for Muslims around the world, you're not speaking for civil liberties, you're not speaking for the Occupy Movement, you're not speaking for anyone but yourself.

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