Monday, December 05, 2016

That sad Kurt Eichenwald

Oh, Kurt Eichenwald.

No, he hasn't been caught yet again giving a young male porn star thousands of dollars.

Not yet anyway.

He's just continued to spit out one damn lie after another.

Powell did not lie. He was provided with false info by Cheney and his crowd. He didnt know it was single sourced.

He knew the information was false.

He's a War Criminal.

Kurt apparently can get it up for elderly men as well as for young boys so he's rushing to defend his Collie Powell.

When he thinks with his limp dick, Kurt grows even more stupid.

We're not stupid.

We remember what went down.

We documented it here many times.

From Ava and C.I.'s "TV Review: Barbara and Colin remake The Way We Were:"

Walters says, unable to look at him while she does -- oh the drama!, "However, you gave the world false, groundless reasons for going to war. You've said, and I quote, 'I will forever be known as the one who made the case for war.' Do you think this blot on your record will stay with you for the rest of your life?"

Powell: Well it's a, it's a, of course it will. It's a blot. I'm the one who presented it on behalf of the United Nations, uh, United States, to the world. And it will always be uh, part of my, uh, my record.
Walters: How painful is it?
Powell: (shrugs) It was -- it *was* painful. (shifts, shrugs) It's painful now.

Has a less convincing scene ever been performed?

Possibly. Such as when Powell informs Walters that the fault lies with the intelligence community -- with those who knew but didn't come forward. Unfortunately for Powell, FAIR's advisory steered everyone to a Los Angeles Times' article from July 15, 2004:

Days before Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was to present the case for war with Iraq to the United Nations, State Department analysts found dozens of factual problems in drafts of his speech, according to new documents contained in the Senate report on intelligence failures released last week.
Two memos included with the Senate report listed objections that State Department experts lodged as they reviewed successive drafts of the Powell speech. Although many of the claims considered inflated or unsupported were removed through painstaking debate by Powell and intelligence officials, the speech he ultimately presented contained material that was in dispute among State Department experts.

That's reality.

Kurt isn't concerned with reality.

He's just concerned with the lies that make up his erotic fantasies.

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