Monday, December 26, 2016

Pathetic joke of the year Kurt Eichenwald

Insatiable idiot Kurt Eichenwald can't stop whining.

Jesus healed those w/ epilepsy in Bible. Some Trump Christians make fun of em. Tonight theyll be in church praising Jesus. Think about that

No, fool, you acted like a bitch for weeks online and that's why they're making fun of you.

A lot of people are making fun of you for many reasons -- not just due to your enthusiasm for kiddie porn.

They enjoy your misfortune not because you have epilepsy but because you're such a little whiner.

You've lied repeatedly -- including insisting that Donald Trump was in a mental home -- and it's no surprise people hate a liar.

You lied to THE NEW YORK TIMES which is why you don't work for them anymore.

Unlike you, most people don't look at kiddie porn online -- yeah, we know your lie, you wanted to 'save' the boy -- is that why you gave him thousands of dollars and lied about it to your employers?

Oh, wait, you lied and said epilepsy was the reason you lied to your employers.

Yeah, you tend to claim your disease whenever you've disgraced yourself in public.

It's a really a low bitch move from a scurrilous bitch.

But Kurt's one of the lowest bitches to ever slither across the dirt on his rotund belly.

For example, he attacked journalist Chris Floyd on Twitter -- apparently not realizing that Floyd was a journalist.  Here's the opening of Floyd's COUNTERPUNCH piece on the attack:

I had a short exchange on Twitter last night with a national journalist of some note: Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek. In this brief encounter, I learned a remarkable fact: no one can criticize the CIA in any way — unless you actually work for the CIA! And here I thought the purpose of journalism was to, you know, serve as watchdog on government, “speak truth to power,” question, probe, dig for facts and that kind of thing. But nope, that’s not it at all.
It turns out only those in power have the right to question, uh, those in power. Everyone else should “go crawl off and watch cartoons” and let the “adults” in power do their work. I have been in journalism, directly and tangentially, for 39 years, but I must admit that I never learned this secret until now. No wonder I never made it to Newsweek!

It began when I replied to a tweet by Eichenwald, questioning his use of the word “misinformation” for information that was actually true, whatever the source of the information might be. I also sought to ascertain the degree of credence he will give to the CIA in the interesting new political arrangement we are about to experience after Jan. 20. I thought I spoke — as is always my wont — with sweet reason. But Mr. Eichenwald seemed to suffer some sort of deep emotional wound from my comments and responded accordingly. 

Know it all Kurt was a disgrace forever.

But NEWSWEEK likes to employ the crazies so he had a base.

And then crazies like the Debra Messings of the world fell for all his claims of scoops on Donald Trump -- scoops that never panned out.

He's piece of filth and a little bitch and that's why people don't like him.

He's yet again taken to hiding behind his disease -- no surprise, this happened right after Tucker Carlson, of all people, handed him his lunch on national television.

He's a joke to everyone.

Kurt Eichenwald, Paul Krugman, and Keith Olbermann walk into a bar... bartender says, "Sorry gents, the insane asylum is one block over"

GIZMODO MEDIA STAFF remembered Kurt at year's end:

Kurt Eichenwald, NewsweekRemember when Kurt Eichenwald’s explosive Newsweek piece totally changed the course of the election?

I have a piece coming out in @Newsweek next week that I believe could well upend the dialogue in this election. Stay tuned.

And remember when political pundits everywhere couldn’t shut up about his other explosive Newsweek piece?

Tomorrow, the political discussion of the day may well be about my exclusive piece scheduled to appear then in @Newsweek.
Yeah, us either. We do, however, remember when Eichenwald wrote a piece incorrectly alleging that Trump read out false information he received directly from Russian intelligence. We also remember when he wrote a 2,000-word, rambling defense of himself that was somehow even less intelligible than the thing he was trying to defend in the first place. Yet despite all that, and despite his 5,000-tweet-a-day quota, he still manages to find time to compile extensive, homemade oppo binders on idiots.

It’s unethical to diagnose mental illness in strangers based on hearsay or simple observation of their online presence—as Kurt should well know—but if we say that Eichenwald seems unstable, paranoid, and probably delusional, just know that we are merely sending a secret signal to one of our many well-placed sources.

He can hide behind his disease all he wants but the reality is that Kurt made himself a joke.

He's pathetic.

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