Monday, November 28, 2016

Standing Rock Tweets

  1. Please sign petition and call President Obama. Stand With Standing Rock concert | Sunday 11.27.16 at 7PM ET
  2. Anyone who thinks capitalism is not enforced by the gun need look no further than Standing Rock
  3. Just noting that the Army's eviction date for Standing Rock--Dec. 5--happens to be Custer's birthday. The more things change...
  4. Feds 2 push Standing Rock protesters into "free speech zones": not free & not speech when no media there 2 hear them
  5. Thousands of veterans are traveling to North Dakota to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
    Veterans Plan To Travel To Standing Rock
    Hundreds of veterans are planning to travel to Standing Rock to be on the front lines with the water protectors.
  6. Tonight I acknowledge all the beautiful brave young mothers at & with .

  7. Please share: Where is the Environmental Impact Statement on the ? Explain Nationwide Permit 12?
  8. There is a reason why cops at don't wear bodycams Join Us & Help Police The Police
  9. Total silence as water protectors pray on the bridge illegally blockaded by militarized police.

  10. Right now. Water protectors sitting in on bridge in front of militarized police.
  11. On the front lines of Standing Rock 2day my phone's video/cam capabilities was obv getting interfered w by a 3rd party (yet again).
  12. 'We’re Not Going to Go to War': The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Preaches Peace and Patience via
  13. Your support for and is greatly appreciated. If you plan to go to or camps... Please read:
  14. Nurses to : Protect the rights & health of Sioux, water protectors
  15. People From All Over The World Raised Almost A Half A Million Dollars To Help 1500 Veterans Get To Standing Rock! 🌲🐻🎆🐟🌎
  16. All Power to the People! DC Rally at Washington Monument
  17. Just arrived back in DC from and what a wonderful sight at the National Monument for rally
  18. "We are the wardens of the land.The treaties need to be respected" yesterday's defiant press conference. not leaving main camp
  19. Out here in Standing rock serving as a street medic, and I want to share some tips w/folks a/b prepping/dealing with chemical warfare...
  20. Some estimates say there are now 10,000 people in & around , joining in support.
  21. Arrests of journalists at Standing Rock test the boundaries of the First Amendment by

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