Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to cover the presidential race?


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get more than enough media coverage in their races for the presidency.

Once upon a time, the web was going to democratize political races.

That flew out the window immediately.

In some cases because it required a lot of work.

We remember Laura Flanders' on air surprise when she was promoting Tammy Duckworth early on only to learn that the progressive in that race was Christine Cegelis.

Honest mistake and one we can certainly relate to.

But there were a lot of dishonest mistakes.

THE DAILY KOS and other propaganda fronts began using double speak to exclude because they weren't about changing anything, they were about raising funds off elections, raising funds for their personal accounts.

We aren't whores so we've always defined our purpose here as making sure that what the MSM ignored we covered.

So we highlight the campaigns of Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Jerry White, Gloria La Riva, etc.

But it's not always easy.

Take Jerry White.

Where's the campaign website?

Where are the press releases?

We know we can find campaign information in articles at WSWS.

But those articles aren't available for republication.

So Jerry White's campaign is never going to get the same amount of attention here that the other three will.

We can only do what we can do.

We support those four being able to compete in the debates.

We support opening the debates and demand that the FCC stop obstructing fair use of the airwaves.

Of course they obstruct, they're appointed by the duopoly and they don't serve the people.

A real FCC would be demanding that debates include all candidates.

It's just one more way the system gets rigged.

Each year, people grow more aware of how rigged it is.

We'd love to see Jerry, Gloria, Jill or Gary take the White House this election.

Even if they don't, they can raise a great deal of awareness.

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