Sunday, April 17, 2016

TV: Attacking lies with truth

NETFLIX's THE RANCH must be awful.

That's what some of our friends concluded when we took a pass on reviewing.

We must be so embarrassed for Debra Winger.


Actually, THE RANCH is a sitcom that gets better with each episode, is funny and actually has a point of view.

Friends got that we weren't that interested in promoting a show Ashton Kutcher was acting in and producing, being friends of Demi Moore.

That much is true.

But what they didn't get was that we were trying to save Debra Winger from embarrassment.

Her acting's fine.

It's her self-promotion,

Bette Davis once remarked that Debra, of all the actress around in the 80s, reminded her the most of herself.

That was in acting.

That was also in temperament.

Because Bette could be a real bitch.

You often have to be in order to survive.

But Bette didn't just turn that rage at the studio, she also turned it at fellow actresses -- and that went beyond just Joan Crawford and Miriam Hopkins.

In recent interviews, Debra feels the need to insist that women need to do like she's doing and look their age.

That's an opinion.

No problem.

But then she goes on to trash Michelle Pfeiffer.

Actually, if Michelle looks like Debra's younger sister, it may be because, fact, she is younger.

More to the point, Debra been grudge f**king Michelle for years.

She's always been jealous of Michelle and of Michelle's looks.

In 1987, Debra desperately wanted the lead in the film BETRAYED.

She originally exploded at her agents when Costa-Gavras went with Michelle Pfeiffer instead (this was the main issue during her 80s tantrums with CAA).  When Michelle bowed out, Debra got the role (after Melanie Griffith also took a pass).

On the set, Debra made everyone's life miserable by constantly fighting with Costa-Gavras over everything from staging to interpretation.

"How would Michelle do it?"  she would periodically snarl to express her disgust with the director.

Early into the shoot, Debra got ahold of a draft of MUSIC BOX, what would be Costa-Gavras' follow up.  She wanted the part and just knew she would get it.

She hit the roof when the role went to Jessica Lange.

But, among other things, Costa-Gavras just couldn't endure another shoot where she worked out her petty jealousies against Michelle on a daily basis.

Which is why, as she goes around promoting THE RANCH, smart reporters would not just jot down her insults but also ask her exactly why, all these years later, she's still so obsessed with Michelle?

We sometimes take a pass in calling out friends.

I'm really here because I want to thank you all. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here today. So many of you, so many of today's speakers, including my fellow actors up here, were here at the beginning, before we went into Iraq, because you knew and they knew what was in store. Thank you so much for the courage to stand up against this mean-spirited, vengeful administration. Your actions are proof that the most precious part of this country, its soul, is alive and well. So thank you. Your ongoing commitment to ending this war allows people in other parts of the world to remain hopeful that America has the stuff to become again a country that they can love and respect. Thank you. I especially want to thank and acknowledge the servicemen and women and the military families and Gold Star mothers that are here. A lot of press people have been asking me today, "What's the difference between now and during the Vietnam War?" And I'll tell you one huge crucial difference: It took six years for Vietnam veterans, active-duty servicemen, Gold Star mothers and military families to come out against the war. It has happened now within three years of the war. Their presence here is critical, and we should acknowledge their courage. I haven't spoken at an antiwar rally in 34 years, because I've been afraid that because of the lies that have been and continue to be spread about me and that war, that they would be used to hurt this new antiwar movement, but silence is no longer an option. My daughter, who is here with me today -- come here -- she was a little girl when she would come with me to the anti-Vietnam War protests. She's here today with her two little children, my grandchildren. I'm very proud that they're here, but I'm so sad that we still have to do this; that we did not learn the lessons from the Vietnam War; that we've made the same mistakes, blindness to the realities on the ground, hubris and arrogance in dealing with a people and culture far older than we are; and that we understand so little, carelessness and thoughtlessness in our approach to rebuilding a country we've destroyed, allowing billions of dollars to be stolen, squandered at the hands of private contractors, just as this administration has done in our own gulf in the post-Katrina era. So, thank you. Thank you for being here, and we'll continue to be here for as long as necessary. God bless.

That's Jane Fonda.

Speaking in January of 2007.

"We'll continue to be here for as long as necessary"?

Try for as long as an aging starlet sees cameras.

She's a coward who can't speak out against an ongoing war.

She can't call out the violence.

Worse, she's now supporting Hillary Clinton.

Last week, at Tribeca, the elderly sex kitten purred that if Hillary was elected, there would be violence.

Yes, there damn well will be because Hillary is all about sending in the military to any and every country on the map.

But Jane was off on some giddy, manic high about how a female as president would produce a violent reaction from males in the US.

"Toxic masculinity" said the woman who couldn't keep her clothes on for the bulk of the sixties as she repeatedly sought the male gaze.

"Toxic masculinity" said the woman who's been ridiculed since the 80s over her efforts to play a sexpot off screen.  The late journalist Paul Rosenfield used to entertain friends with Jane's desperate 1991 attempts to portray herself as a "hot piece" as she spent the bulk of the interview showing him her wedding trousseau she'd just picked up at, so classy, Frederick's of Hollywood.

More recently, she's overshared about Richard Perry in one interview after another to the point that many say the term "emasculating" is too weak to describe what she's done.

Clue to Jane, if it's not your own health problem, shut up.

More to the point, "toxic masculinity" -- or whatever you want to call it -- describes Hillary Clinton to a tee.

How many wars does Hillary get to start before Jane Fonda wakes up that the problem is not a gender, it's a point of view?

And how is anyone supposed to take her ridiculous ass seriously when they look at her 2007 speech and grasp that not only has she not spoken out against the still ongoing Iraq War since but she's now supporting the Democratic candidate who voted for the Iraq War?

Jane's devolved into one of the most embarrassing women in the entertainment industry.  Twitter has not been her friend, to put it mildly.


  • Here's some facts for you, Jane.

    One, Bernie Sanders has served in the House and the Senate since the 90s.  Bernie has chaired a major Senate Committee and held hearings.

    Hillary did photo ops in the Senate.

    Hillary's done nothing for veterans -- except, of course, to create them with her war lust.

    Bernie chaired the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

    Considering Jane's comments about veterans and the need not to fail them, you'd think she'd be aware of just how often Hillary has failed to be a leader on veterans issues.

    Lastly, Jane, stop saying women shouldn't have plastic surgery when you . . . keep having plastic surgery.

    It's not funny.

    It's not cute.

    Nor are the whores promoting Hillary.

    Take Bob Somerby who makes a fool out of himself repeatedly including on Saturday with this:

    We'll start with Drum's basic assessment. According to Drum's best guess, Clinton doesn't want to release the transcripts because some pointless remark will be yanked out of context and "made into yet another endless and idiotic Republican meme."

    The one time 'media critic' now busies himself providing cover for Hillary.

    Instead of demanding the truth, that the transcripts be released, he defends their non-release and offers that she has a reason: Republicans would make political hay of them -- and journalists too!!!!!

    Is that really a logical defense?

    Do we really want a US president who hides the truth repeatedly out of fear of what some Republican might say about her?  Or what the media might report?

    The times get more ridiculous and that happens when we don't speak the truth.

    We're as guilty as anyone.

    Looking the other way when Debra Winger goes all bitchy on Michelle Pfeiffer, staying silent as Jane's endless public babbles turn Richard Perry into a topic of ridicule, and acting as if it's okay for a politician to refuse to answer to the people.

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