Sunday, April 17, 2016

Editorial: US government prepares for more US combat in Iraq


Last week, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter talked Iraq briefly:

SEC. CARTER:  Across the whole spectrum.  You know we're looking to do more, but it ranges from in the air to on the ground.  All consistent with our overall strategic approach, which is to enable local forces ultimately to hold and sustain the defeat of ISIL, after ISIL is defeated, but to enable them to do so and accelerate that process so we continue to look for and identify ways of accelerating that, and as we find those we will do them.  Obviously in Iraq we do that with the permission of the Iraqi government.
But we -- you should expect us to -- to see us doing more, to be consistent with the same approach, but it will be across all the domains, right up to cyber, which I mentioned earlier.
Now over the next few days I'll have an opportunity to talk to our commanders, and also to some in the region here, and obviously look for more good opportunities to accelerate the defeat of ISIL here in Syria and Iraq, which is absolutely necessary.

Q:  When you say "on the ground," do you mean more U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq?

SEC. CARTER:  Yes, I mean, I think some of these have that aspect to it, but I just want to emphasize there's a lot more that goes with this, and our -- and our presence on the ground is -- and will continue to be to enable, not to substitute, for local forces.

"When you say 'on the ground,' do you mean more US troops on the ground in Iraq?"


And where's the outrage?

Hell, where's the public discussion.

Idiots like Jane Fonda and her former boy-toy Tom Hayden spent last week not decrying the ongoing war but announcing their support for the candidate who voted for it back in 2002 -- Hillary Clinton.

In fact, outside of Saturday's Iraq snapshot, we've not found anyone or any site even noting Carter's remarks, his actual remarks, not the cleaned up version ASSOCIATED PRESS provided.

In 2008, some Americans foolishly thought that, by voting for Barack Obama, they could end the Iraq War.  Instead, it continues.

And shame or embarrassment appears to keep a large number of people from talking -- or at least talking truthfully.

That's a big reason why the Iraq War continues.

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