Monday, April 25, 2016

Mimi Kennedy Tweeted the Dem Debate

Mimi Kennedy's been entertaining Americans for some time (both in comedies -- such as currently on CBS' MOM -- and in dramas).  She live Tweeted the most recent Democratic Party presidential debate:

  1. says NATO “We will continue to look for missions” Defen$e budget in of new wars

  • When you come home after a date and your friends are like...

  • Bernie understands must achieve peaceful coexistence in equality to survive. He is Israel’s true friend

  • she says “I’m the person who” as if anything good has happened in Israel/Palestine. It’s been failed

  • Hillary’s righteousness on Israel’s violence is not the president I want to see for the next 8 years.

  • what a beautiful answer on Israel/Palestine. Hillary going into the usual demonization of Hamas&Iran. Gaza suffers.

  • War deaths are gun deaths. War is violence against women and children.

  • If is so anti-gun, then why is she so pro-war???

  • Nuclear also has a pass on liability. Hillary says guns are unique: NO. Nuclear is not liable; taxpayer pay damages

  • Hillary HELPS “advertise” guns to young people - by voting for WAR and recruiting for WAR as heroism.

  • Why is the “goal” US export biz? Carbon footprint; why can’t we & other countries make more for our own&trade only what we must?

  • Hillary nods to Bernie’s financial talk like “of course you’re poor” like she kinda holds it in contempt & pity!

  • Hillary “loves being in Brooklyn.” What was that? “Her” people again?

  • Bernie brilliant answer on banks. Inappropriate for govt to tell them other than “you can’t be this big or you close.” They solve

  • “The people of NY” as if they’re subjects of a queen. I’m sorry, it’s weird.

  • Hillary looks weirdly smug it makes me uncomfortable

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