Monday, April 25, 2016

Editorial: Iraq and shame

Cindy Sheehan has observed, "The antiwar movement has been effectively neutralized by its affiliation with and devotion to the Democratic Party, but we as true revolutionary anti-imperialists must never waver in our resolve to resist and smash the US empire and to try to lead others to the same conclusions and principled action."

Some people can't handle that reality.

People like Debra Messing hiss and boo when reality intrudes and someone dares to hold War Hawk Hillary Clinton accountable for her vote for the Iraq War.

It's so unfair, they insist, that Hillary is held accountable for the Iraq War.

They try to justify the vote -- there is no justification for it.

Then they try to insist it's Bully Boy Bush's war.

Because they're idiots or liars or whores -- or all three.

Former US Senator Mike Gravel explained in 2007 how the Dems in Congress could immediately end the Iraq War if they really meant what they were saying.

It's how he ended the draft.

But they didn't really care about ending the Iraq War.

Why would they?

The 2006 elections proved that them pretending to be against it could move mountains.  In a historic outcome, the 2006 elections saw the Democrats go from the minority party in the House of Representatives to the majority.

That was amazing enough.

But the same thing happened in the Senate.

"Give me one house," of Congress, Nancy Pelosi would insist, and they could end the Iraq War.

America gave them two.

And the Iraq War continued.

And continues to this day.

And, yes, Hillary is responsible for her vote and for her actions.

And shame on any American who puts their sexually dysfunctional attraction to War Hawk Hillary ahead of the Iraqi people.

That's you, Debra Messing.

Shame on you.

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