Monday, November 23, 2015

Remember, boys and girls, it's Crapapedia


WIKIPEDIA, where any lie can be falsely presented as truth.

Take their entry on the 1978 film THE WIZ:

When Motown star Diana Ross asked Gordy if she could be cast as Dorothy, he declined, saying that Ross—then 33 years old—was too old for the role.[8] Ross went around Gordy and convinced executive producer Rob Cohen at Universal Pictures to arrange a deal where he would produce the film if Ross was cast as Dorothy. Gordy and Cohen agreed to the deal. Pauline Kael, a film critic, described Ross's efforts to get the film into production as "perhaps the strongest example of sheer will in film history."[8]


Because Rob Cohen, who produced the film, told a different story to J. Randy Taraborrelli for his book CALL HER MISS ROSS.  In the original hard coversion, it appears on pages 337 through 339.

Diana Ross calls Berry and says she wants to play the part.  He tells her to forget it.

He then calls Rob Cohen

Rob agrees with Berry but tells him, "There's only one reason that it's right. [. . .] Universal will pay her $1 million to do it.  And it'll mean getting this movie made."

Berry likes the one million notion and Rob's left to speak to Universal executive Tom Mount the next day to make good on his prediction of Diana getting a million to make the film.

Cohen states he then called John Badham who didn't like the idea and left as director of the film.

He then states he called Berry Gordy.

After which, Diana called Berry to restate that she wanted to play Dorothy and, after a moment of playing stand-offish, he tells her she has the role and Universal will pay her one million dollars for playing the part.

In his end notes (again, original hard cover version of the book), Taraborrelli explains that the source for these events is from "my interview with Cohen."

And Pauline Kael's quote?

She didn't write that.

But only at Crapapedia can you 'source' a Pauline Kael film review for THE NEW YORKER by referencing . . . a clip job biography of Ross.

Pauline Kael's review actually stated -- in fact opened -- with this on "will," "Diana Ross's determination to play Dorothy in the film version of the black Broadway musical 'The Wiz' is probably the chief example in all movie history of a whim of iron."

And that, boys and girls, is from page 138 of the October 30, 1978 issue of THE NEW YORKER.

That's how you source a film review -- that or by the Pauline Kael book of collected reviews the review appeared in.  (Hint, can't use FOR KEEPS -- that collection contains only part of the review -- not the full review -- and doesn't contain the quote.)

You may notice, speaking of sourcing, that the false claim that Diana went around Berry isn't sourced at WIKIPEDIA.

But when telling and spreading lies about women, WIKIPEDIA never requires sourcing.

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