Monday, November 23, 2015

10 Reasons to Grab Songs From The Trees

Friday, Carly Simon's SONGS FROM THE TREES was available for download online and purchase in stores.


Here are ten reasons you should grab the album.

1) It's a double disc collection -- 31 songs in all.

2) You can purchase the discs for $12.99 at Amazon or download it at Amazon for $14.99 (prices are the most current as we write this piece).

3) The collection features two previously unreleased tracks, "Shutdown" recorded during the sessions for 1978's BOYS IN THE TREES album and "I Can't Thank You Enough" (written and performed with Ben Taylor).

4) The other 29 songs are previously released but all have been remastered for this collection.

5) It's the musical companion piece to her new memoir BOYS IN THE TREES due out Tuesday ($17.39 at Amazon currently).

6) The collection contains an 18-page booklet.

7) Singer-songwriter Carly has won the Grammy, the Golden Globe and a Grammy for her songwriting and has been inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame (though, being a woman, she still can't get into Jann Wenner's sexist Rock & Roll Hall of Fame).

8) Covering 12 of her first 13 studio albums (plus including a hit from The Simon Sisters -- her folk duo with sister Lucy Simon), the collection serves as a strong overview of Carly's early career.

9) SONGS FROM THE TREES contains over 20 tracks not included on previously released single and double disc Carly collections (we're not including the three disc retrospective CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE).

10) "CD wallet made from 100% recycled paperboard".

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