Monday, September 14, 2015

Ty's Corner


 We've been doing this now for over ten years -- having kicked off this site in January 2015.

Last week's "Black Talk" proved hugely popular.

We'll be following that up in the near future.

The main reason we did that roundtable?

Readers love roundtables but when everyone sits down for these it goes on too long.

Way too long.

By limiting the participation to those who are African-American or Black, we were able to stay more focused.

Even so, some readers wish we'd covered the issue of the prison population and charter schools in the roundtable.

These are topics we'll try to cover next time.

Where are our pieces on comic books?

Or our magazine reviews?

We've been doing this for ten years.

We lose interest in some topics or feel we've done them to death and need to move on.

For example, I love the collages we did from 2005 thru 2008.

I thought they were funny.

But their time passed with Bully Boy Bush leaving DC.

We try to add new things as the years pile up.

If only to keep ourselves interested, we try to add new things.

Of the things that we've ended, this summer's decision to end the summer read edition remains the most objected to.

Will we reconsider it?

I doubt it.

It was becoming a major headache.

In addition, we had to carve out a weekend where we hoped there was little news since it's a summer read edition.

The other big objection?

The not published on Sunday.

First off, we're west coast now so go by Pacific time.

Second off, there are times when people are just tired.

We're all tired.

No one expected to do this for ten years.

So each week, we put out what we can and it is what it is.

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