Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gummy Bears and $1.74

Reader Janine asked that we note this from the Martin O'Malley campaign for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination:

Gummy Bears and $1.74

Yesterday I tried something different: I tried to make an honest buck on Wall Street.

No surprise, I didn’t raise a ton. Maybe it’s because Wall Street executives and folks in the financial district spend millions of dollars each election cycle, and the money usually goes straight to the top—not to grassroots campaigns like mine.

(That’s okay with me, I’m not running for them.)

Maybe it’s because these guys know I’m the only candidate who will hold them accountable for reckless behavior and institute real, substantive reforms on Wall Street.

Either way, donate to my campaign today and show Wall Street we can do better. We will elect a candidate who will hold them accountable. We’ll do better than gummy bears.

Pitch in $1 today to support this grassroots campaign, and we can all stand up to the bullies on Wall Street together.

Thanks for your support. Rock on –

Martin O’Malley
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