Monday, September 07, 2015

Psst, don't tell Ezzie Klein

Little Ezra Klein has been a full on whore for ObamaCare.  Even as the realities sink in to the rest of Americans, Ezzie covers his eyes.

Well don't tell Little Ezzie, but word is Blue Cross Blue Shield is having a major discussion privately about the future of the company.


At their website, they boast about being available in all 50 states and "accepted by over 90% of doctors and specialists."

Ezzie may not know this -- he doesn't know much, does he? -- but that's really Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO is accepted by less than 30% of doctors and specialists.

So what's BCBS privately discussing?

Dropping the PPO plans.  They'd still offer HMO and, of course, the worthless BCBS plans available on the ACA exchange, but they'd do away with the PPO plans that most Americans have if they have Blue Cross Blue Shield.

This would lead to major changes and it's not something Little Ezra's prepared to discuss or even acknowledge.

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