Monday, September 07, 2015

Hillary The Dumb F**k

Hillary Clinton's been preaching national service for decades -- yes, she really is that old.

Now she's trying to tie her obsession into a way to fix the student loan problem.

She's a dumb f**k, a hack, a whore or a liar.

Her plan's worthless in every way possible.

First, it's not implemented.

If it were, it wouldn't do a damn thing to get her votes.

Her plan would help future students.

Guess what, elderly woman, it's the one's suffering under student loan debt right now that you could woo.

But your dumb ass plan ignores them.

The only ones who care enough to vote on a proposal about student loans are the ones suffering from the grotesque debt.

It really is the equivalent of pay day loans but with a lot more zeroes.

In the 80s, 90s and 00s, American college students took out loans from the US government which then sold the loans to private companies.

There are students who can't pay their loans today for reasons which include they no longer know who they owe.

We have a friend who received two statements last month.  The Department of Education wrote about the $13,000 he still owed on his student loans.  And the private company the loans had been sold off to wrote him to inform he owed $17,000.

Want to pretend this isn't predatory lending?

Want to pretend this isn't a serious problem?

We don't have time for hacks, whores, liars or dumb f**ks.

If Hillary wants to get real about fixing the problem, we'll note that but for now she's just another crooked politician lying to the people.


Illustration is Isaiah's "Hillary Teaches Children."

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