Sunday, May 10, 2015

We heard it the first time

  • People liked new ....Blair was obviously toxic after Iraq But the baby was let out with the bath water

  • That Tweet went up 17 minutes ago.

    This went up Friday, at The Common Ills:

    The results were not pretty.

    But they should have been expected.

    Over two years ago -- I know the Milliband brothers -- we were noting here that Labour had to step away from Blair if they wanted control of the Parliament.

    And they did that.

    They took steps.

    And their own internal polling demonstrated that was the way to go.

    Then they started importing crap from Chicago and telling themselves these guys (and they were all men) knew what they were doing, why, look at the 2008 success that they made for Barack!

    They didn't know a damn thing.

    And Ed has no excuse of "I put my trust in them!"

    The minute they started insisting Tony Blair was an asset that needed to be used for the campaign, was the minute Ed and company should have sent them packing.

    From high polling numbers as they rebuked Blair to low polling numbers as they played footsie with War Criminal Tony.

    It's all on them.  They were idiots who believed idiots.

    (And that's just in terms of the campaigning.  That's before you get to New Labour's hideous lack of messages that addressed the needs of the people.)

    So they got cozy with Tony and they lost.

    Let it be a lesson.  Tony Blair is a War Criminal and he is toxic.

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