Sunday, May 10, 2015

Editorial: Barack's Thug Haider

Did you catch this?

: Shiite militias crimes killed all Sunni detainees in prison Khalis in yesterday

The abuses of the Shi'ite militias -- the War Crimes -- are impossible to ignore.

Unless you're Haider al-Abadi.

Or the White House that installed him as prime minister.

The White House ignores the War Crimes of the militias, the human rights abuses -- or what Barack's special envoy John Allen so delicately termed "excesses" when he appeared before Congress.

 They're crimes.

And they're crimes against humanity.

So why is the White House continuing to back Haider al-Abadi?

Why are they refusing to demand he implement real reform and do so immediately or lose US funding?

11 months ago, Barack Obama declared Iraq required a "political solution."

In all the time since, nothing has been done to work towards that.

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