Sunday, April 05, 2015

There is no deal with Iran

Oh, how the press loves to lie for a White House.

Take the spin still going on that US President Barack Obama got a deal with Iran over nuclear issues.

He got no such deal

The reality is that negotiations for a deal were supposed to end on March 31st.

March 31st came and went without a deal.

Red-faced with shame, Barack then ordered US Secretary of State John Kerry to get something, anything they could waive to the press and call a deal.

So Kerry got an outline for a future deal.

And this outline has been passed off ever since as a deal.

We're getting real tired of

Justin's in love with Barack, if you missed it.

And can't stop slobbering over Barack's knob.

Readers of wrongly are led to believe there's a deal.

At Information Clearing House, Moon of Alabama notes, "The deal is unfinished. The devil is in the details and those have yet to be agreed upon. The deal will fail when on June 30 those agreements will turn out to be unachievable."

MoA also ponders whether the actual outcome will be war since Barack has taken to presenting the non-deal as an either/or -- either there is a deal in June or there is war.

Instead of calling Barack out on that, Phyllis Bennis got giddy with delight and declared the non-deal a deal as she mounted her wall vibrator.

There is no deal.

That's a fact which can't be repeated enough.

Illustration is Isaiah's   The World Today Just Nuts "The Deal."

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