Sunday, April 05, 2015

No ethics at The Mary Sue

Last week, we wrote "Oh, Mary Sue, really?" about The Mary Sue's nearly 2,000 word essay on the film Sheena: Queen of the Jungle which repeatedly misspelled the name of the film's star Tanya Roberts.

The article in question was Lesley Coffin's  "Re-View: Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, The Marvel Movie Nobody Remembers,"

And the good news?

They have corrected their error.

And the bad news?

They do not note that they did a correction.

They repeatedly got the name of the star of the film wrong and they finally correct it but don't note that they've corrected it.

For those confused, when you correct something you're supposed include a note about the error corrected.

Now Mary Sue readers -- apparently only semi-smarter than the trash that produces The Mary Sue -- took Leslie Coffin's 'facts' as real and repeatedly called the actress "Tonya Roberts" in their comments.

So now The Mary Sue has left their readers looking like idiots.

But, mainly, they've demonstrated that they have no ethics.

Or smarts.

Because the old version is still available in cache versions and we did our screen cap of it.

So they can lie and pretend that they didn't correct anything but this page will always expose their lie and their lack of ethics.

And if you're looking for another reason to stop visiting The Mary Sue, please note the following.

Yeah, they're one of those crappy sites that slow your computer down.

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