Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look how they lie to themselves

Justin Raimondo, the sexist in chief at, is forever twisting facts in an attempt to argue his own pet issues.

He's at it again this week as he insists:

The final straw was Sen. Tom Cotton’s "open letter" to Iran’s leaders – which was really a letter to the American people, telling them that in any conflict between Washington and Tel Aviv GOP hard-liners would side with the latter. The backlash against this open attempt to sabotage American diplomacy in the interests of a foreign power provoked outraged cries of "treason" and calls for the 47 Senators to be charged under the Logan Act. While Cotton’s letter hardly falls under the restrictions imposed by the Logan Act – and the call itself is a dangerous not to mention stupid invocation of the growing authoritarian impulse in American politics – this kind of reaction is telling. It shows that the American people are waking up to the inordinate – and inappropriate – influence wielded by the Israeli government on our domestic political scene, and that Bibi’s playing of this particular card no longer trumps the President’s hand.

It shows nothing of the sort.

What it demonstrates is the continuing pattern of the so-called left to rush to take personal offense on Barack's behalf.

This was not seen as outrageous -- read the columns by those outraged -- because of Israel or feelings towards that government.

It was seen as outrageous because it was supposedly a personal affront to the Lord and Savior Barack Obama.

There's nothing wrong (or right) about Raimondo's opinion about the Israeli government.

It's just his opinion and he's entitled to have whatever opinion he wants.

But there is something obscenely wrong about his distorting facts in order to insist that the bulk of Americans are moving to his side.

You may recall that Justy's latest big 'antiwar' move was to call out Hillary for her war on Libya.

Yeah, apparently even Libertarians  don't call out Barack.

Instead, you blame Hillary for a war Barack oversaw.

That's cowardly and craven.

We call Hillary out all of the time.

But we hold her accountable for her actions.

Little Justy, who packs it on the right, can't say the same.

And we've noted that the aging power bottom can write about everything but Iraq.

Can and does.

While president over a site called

At some point, Justy needs to ask himself how much of a liability he's become?

An honest appraisal would note that he's now one of the biggest obstacles to the growth of

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