Sunday, March 15, 2015

Album news of the month

2015 has yet to be a promising year for music lovers.  Three months in, no new release has yet to excite.

It may get better, we certainly hope it will.

But at present, the only thing that's excited us is the news that an album from 2000 is about to be re-released.

Carly Simon's The Bedroom Tapes was released May 16, 2000 to mass praise.

Accomplished singer/songwriter Carly Simon gets back to where it all started on her first brand new release of original material in six years, The Bedroom Tapes. She taps into the realm of traditional American music, continuing to draw inspiration from Broadway show tunes, jazz blues standards, folk-pop, and rock & roll. She is as a raw as she was on 1975's Playing Possum and just as sweet as 1987's Coming Around Again, but Simon is fresh.

Mojo offered, "Forced to re-evaluate what really matters to her by a life-threatening fight to survive breast cancer, Simon has returned with what's arguably the finest album of her career so far. The first real hint comes with the gorgeous melody of So Many Stars, wherein she travels across New York tearing herself apart by wondering about the nature of true love, then slips into the revealingly witty Big Dumb Guy, a lust song thinly disguising her longing for a simpler life, before delivering the sucker punch with Scar, as strong and unsentimental a song about cancer surgery as it's possible to imagine."

Karen Schoemer (US weekly) declared, Classy work from one of pop's original confessors." 

Carly's album was released May 16, 2000 -- fourteen days after it was announced Clive Davis was being forced out as the president of Arista.  

Carly's album was lost in the shuffle.

Available for pre-order March 23rd, it's a chance to revisit a classic or to discover one you missed for the first time.

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