Sunday, February 22, 2015

He put it all out there but . . .

Neil Patrick Harris is a treat at the Tonys.

But despite stripping down and sporting pointy nipples at today's Academy Awards ceremony, he didn't quite make it as a host.

Some saw racism in a bit where he assigned Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer a chore -- to watch the locked box containing a bag containing an envelope with his Academy Award predictions.  The bit never ended.

And when all but Best Picture had been handed out, Neil came on stage to milk the bit one more time.

Earth to Neil Patrick Harris, over three hours into the ceremony, with one award left to give out, no one wants to hear your crappy list.

And it was a crappy list.

There were a few mild and polite chuckles from the audience -- a few.

If you're going to do one last bit, you need to kill.

It's whatever's going to remember, your last jokes.

If they aren't funny, that's what people will probably remember your entire hosting duties as.

Then again, he stripped to his underwear.

Maybe people will focus on that instead?

He does look a little like an Oscar, doesn't he?

If you slapped a pair of briefs on the nude statue.

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