Sunday, January 11, 2015

TV: Jane The Iron Maiden

Maybe Rachel Bilson's Dr. Zoe Hart can have her hymen restored?

Maybe that would be enough to get her a Golden Globe and her show Hart of Dixie renewed?

This weekend, The CW renewed 8 shows -- including Jane The Virgin.

When asked about Hart of Dixie, The CW pedophile -- oops, we mean president -- Mark Pedowitz declared, "We’re going to look at the ratings. We’ll get an opportunity to see how it plays with Jane the Virgin. If it ends, [this season is] a great series finale; if it doesn’t end, it’s a great season finale. But we’re not committed one way or another."

Well let's look at those ratings.

Jane The Virgin aired 9 episodes in 2014.  Hart of Dixie aired only one.

Only three episodes of Jane The Virgin got higher ratings than Hart of Dixie's episode.  The first episode got the best ratings, the second episode got slightly less strong ratings and everything else until the winter finale got worse ratings than Hart of Dixie.

But Jane The Virgin, starring a 30-year-old woman as a woman accidentally artificially inseminated -- and by the man she used to have a crush on, gets a renewal?

Who watches Jane The Virgin?

Very few people because most girls and young women aren't seeing Jane as 'cool' or 'trendy.'

They're seeing her as the pathetic grown up who denies herself sex and lives at home with Mommy.

She's not a strong woman, she's a pathetic child scared of the world around her.


She is popular, the idea of her, with pedophiles and what's the Hollywood Foreign Press but a bunch of pedophiles?

This is the group, please remember, that has given Sarah Jessica Parker more awards for comedy than they have Carol Burnett.  You read that correctly.

Carol, a trail blazing comic legend, has less Golden Globes than Srah Jessica Parker who really can't do comedy -- or did everyone miss Did You Hear About The Morgans? (With a domestic gross of less than $30 million, it's safe to say everyone did miss Did You Hear About The Morgans?)

Because Jane The Virgin stars a 30-year-old Latina, some women feel they can't criticize it the way they would if it starred an Anglo White woman.

That's nonsense.

A show that reduces women the way Jane The Virgin does deserves to be slammed by any and all feminists.

It's a ridiculous show with an all knowing male announcer making it even more ridiculous.

That alone was reason enough to call it out.

And let's be clear that The CW can't stop trying to recreate Arrow but they have no plans for Jake The Virgin.

Of course, they don't.

Even the pig headed of The CW would get how ridiculous a show about an adult lead holding onto their virginity and living with Mommy was if it revolved around a male lead.

On top everything else, there's the fact that the show revolves around a forced pregnancy and that Jane's thrilled to death with it.

What sort of message does that send to young teens?

And what sort of message does The CW send when Hart of Dixie pulls in more viewers than Jane The Virgin but it's not announced as renewed over the weekend.

No, it has to prove itself.

See, a show starring a woman who's got an education, who charts her own way in life and who -- gasp! -- has sex is just a little too unnerving for The CW.

And that's another reason women should be outraged.

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