Sunday, January 11, 2015

Editorial: A majority of Americans oppose US troops in ground combat in Iraq

When will the media get around to talking about the Brookings Institution's poll?

That's the one asking whether or not the White House should send US troops into ground combat in Iraq.

57% of Americans said no.

A clear majority.

The White House wants US troops in ground combat.

That was made clear when they sent   Secretary of State John Kerry on December 9th to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to insist that any bill passed on Iraq and Syria must include that the White House can send troops into Iraq for combat.


That's the number the White House knows it has to whittle down.

And if the American people knew this number, it would be harder to whittle down.


Because the White House wants to insist that the people opposing US troops in combat hold a minority opinion -- a fringe opinion.

If Americans knew this was the majority opinion, it would be much more difficult for the White House to get the increase to the ongoing Iraq War.

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