Monday, January 19, 2015

The Big Ugly: Lindy West

If you missed it, Chris Klye was a pro-war Iraq War veteran.  He's the subject of Clint Eastwood's new film American Sniper.

We're not pro-war.  We may be one of the only sites that continues to oppose the Iraq War, let alone note it every edition.

We're on record supporting war resisters.

But we don't trash Chris Kyle, who is dead by the way.

He saw the war differently than us.

We saw the war differently than he did.

We expect our position to be treated with respect.

So why would we attack him for his view?

We're not little rat ass babies who lay on the floor kicking our feet and whining.

We noticed maturity on the topic from another person:

Just saw "American Sniper" Powerful. Another view of "Coming Home." Bradley Cooper sensational. Bravo Clint Eastwood.
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But while Jane can offer maturity, a 'writer' she gave a Women's Media Center Award to, Lindy West, can't.

It takes trash, a whole lot of trash to remove humanity from the equation and that's Lindy and her audience.

She writes a stupid piece filled with hate that inspires even more hate when Information Clearing House publishes it.

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Kenneth Lee · 2 days ago
."...well-meaning, often impoverished, non-serial-killer people to do oppressive things over which they have no control. " I am so sick of the idea that they have NO CONTROL over what they do. WALK AWAY---PUT DOWN YOUR GUN---DO NOT JOIN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! We all have the ultimate control over what we do. Are those who join the military such COWARDS that they would rather go to another country and kill complete strangers on command rather than face the wrath of their so-called "leaders"? It simply disgusts me every time I hear this ridiculous excuse.
These COWARDS need to grow a spine and make their own decisions about their own lives and stop allowing the corporate state to make all the decisions for them. This simple step will eliminate PTSD and veteran suicides, and will certainly cast the U.S. of A. in a different light to the rest of this world.

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This is Lindy's audience.

A stupid elderly man who thinks because he avoided Vietnam he's something special.

He's not and his s**t still stinks.

He's an idiot who fancies himself a medical expert with his 'solution' regarding Post-Traumatic Stress.

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guest01 · 2 days ago
Eddie Ray Routh, 25, corporal in the Marines, did the world a favor by eliminating two murderers, Chris Kyle and Kyle’s friend Glen Rose. Marine Corporal Routh deserves a medal of honor.

Read the article in the hyperlink in the fourth paragraph of the above article. The praises bestowed upon murderer Chris Kyle is sickening.

According to Jesse Ventura, Kyle lied in his autobiography: “At the time of his death, the former Seal was being sued by Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and ex-professional wrestler, over claims in the book that Kyle punched him in a 2006 bar fight over unpatriotic remarks. Ventura says the punch never happened and that the claim by Kyle defamed him. A trial was due for August this year.”

Clint Eastwood should not have capitalized on this filthy murderer, elevating him as being a hero, making Iraqi victims the bad guys and US American monsters the good guys. Such films justify US wars and murders.

I certainly will not be wasting money and time to see this trash. 

That's Lindy's audience too.

And let's go ahead and note that's some of the 9-11 Truth Movement.

We're not opposed to that movement.  But it needs to be noted that some of the hate that's coming and some of the support for Ventura is about something other than Chris Kyle.

People who rejoice in the deaths of others?

They have no humanity.  They've divorced themselves from it.

They flash their ugly online.

While pretending like they exist on a higher plane.

I am thrilled to bits, that this PIG slaughtered by his own side dude
Just hope that he suffered and tormented in pain before he died
I bet this PIG is illiterate and ignorant of any work Of Humanities, same as the trend with all his kind 

Again, that's Lindy's audience.

And remember "dude" was how Lindy addressed the Women's Media Center ("Dude, we're online!") because that's what 'feminists' do, right?

If you missed it. Lindy and her groupies have refused to call out the Iraqi government bombing Sunni civilians in residential neighborhoods in Falluja -- despite this going on for over a year now.

If you missed it, Lindy and her groupies have failed to call out Barack Obama for arming a government that knowingly and continually kills civilians.

If you missed it, Lindy and her groupies can get outraged over a soldier carrying out orders but never over the ones handing out the orders, making the decisions, starting and continuing the wars.

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