Monday, January 19, 2015

That 'brave' Jill Abramson

Back when it mattered, when Jill Abramson's ass was fired by The New York Times, a lot of little whores spun for Jill.

We didn't.

We'd call her out community wide -- called her out for some time.

C.I.'d even taken a more personal approach, ensuring that she'd suffer where it really mattered (don't worry, Jill knows what we're talking about).

And, as Rebecca noted at her site, C.I. took part in the takedown of Jill at the paper.

That wasn't because we didn't like the paper's crosswords.

That was because Jill was a fake ass.

Look who's finally joined our party:

Hope all the Jill Abramson fans are noting today her caving to Condi Rice--this was known but in detail today.
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In fairness to Greg, we hadn't invited him so that might be what took him so long.

By the way, Greg, if you nudge the paper a little, you'll find out that both the reporters in Iraq and Syria have a lot of stories to tell about how Jill killed one scoop after another.

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