Sunday, December 28, 2014

Editorial: As the 'leaders' did with Iraq, so they do with police brutality

How are you liking the police protests of late?

That's a question for you.

Why haven't we noted them?

That's a question from you.

It's tied in to the same thing.

The rank-in-file may be sincere.

But we doubt the whorish leaders.

Some right-wing media critics have expressed outrage that the revolutionary Communists behind some of the events are not being reported on in the media.

We happen to agree with the critics across the aisle but for different reasons.

Medea Benjamin, she cares so much, she's really dedicated to this cause.

Brian Becker, he's just the same, right?

But thing is, these cheap whores pretended to care about the Iraqi people.

Where are these bastards and bitches now?

The right-wing believes that the revolutionary Communists are behind the protests in an effort to destroy the country and the system.



We think they're just talking and primping because cameras and microphones are around.

We've watched, over and over, the last decade as these pretenders and posers have 'cared' and sworn -- like Jane Fonda -- to be dedicated to this issue forever.

Only to watch them scatter as the media moved on to a new issue.

At the bottom of the current movement against police violence, at its roots, are people doing new things and trying new tactics.  At the 'outposts' where the media is, we see the same whores trying to get attention by latching on to what is for them just the latest fad.

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