Monday, November 03, 2014

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A few of you e-mail asking where are the roundtables.

A few weeks ago, we did one.

And as I noted in my "A note to the readers," we ended up pulling it at the last minut.

We'd probably spent three hours on it -- including typing it up -- and now it was trashed.


We were talking about the useless whores who can't call out Barack.

One person offered, for example, that 'radical' Michael Ratner talks about Barack sending US troops back into Iraq on Law & Disorder Radio and keeps his voice even and smooth until he gets to Hillary Clinton who, for the record, is not President of the United States or even in the administration today.

We called out silly whores like Michael Ratner.

Silly 'radicals' too afraid to call out the 'Black' man but more than fine with attacking Hillary Clinton for Barack's decision to send troops back into Iraq.

It was a lively roundtable.

But then some started having reservations.

Since Michael was (at last) speaking out and (finally) remembering Iraq maybe we shouldn't call him out?

I thought that was a load of s**t.

Since, in my note, I put in that Ava and C.I. walked out on that discussion, let me now make clear they weren't asking for any edits or changes.

Their opinions were, we said it, it's our opinion, let's print it and move on.

But not everyone felt that way.

And after that, and after it not being published, I just haven't been in the mood for a roundtable.

Maybe writing about it will change that?

Maybe not.

I don't dislike Michael Ratner.

But I'm not doing The Third Estate Sunday Review to produce content that will never, ever hurt his feelings.

Last week, Chris Floyd called out Digby.

Long time coming.

I think if, on the left, we were holding the various Barack whores accountable, we'd have a lot less silence on the left and a lot more get-in-the-street action.

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