Sunday, August 10, 2014

The suffering hits close to home

While bombs fall on Iraq -- and will continue to for some time to come -- the suffering hits close to home.

Saturday, US President Barack Obama addressed the nation from the White House lawn and did so without his two trusty teleprompters instead referring to written notes on the podium before him.

Where were his true trusty aids?

Word was the teleprompters, being loyal and upstanding Americans, had enlisted in the US Air Force and were currently piloting a mission over Erbil.

Also AWOL from the address?

Barack's tie.

He opened with, "First, American forces have conducted targeted airstrikes against terrorist forces outside the city of Erbil to prevent them from advancing on the city and to protect our American diplomats and military personnel.  So far, these strikes have successfully destroyed arms and equipment that ISIL terrorists could have used against Erbil.  Meanwhile, Kurdish forces on the ground continue to defend the city, and the United States and the Iraqi government have stepped up our military assistance to Kurdish forces as they wage their fight."

Statements like that call for dress casual?

Or was it vacation madness?

Can we look forward to his delivering his next address in a speedo?

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